Sangria. Notorious for being a crowd-pleasing, refreshing beverage that boasts a fruity flavor, fun zest, and an endlessly adaptable pairing, sangria is an enjoyable beverage whether served in a punchbowl at a gathering or event or by the glass at your favorite dinner or lunch spot. Even though the beverage is served chilled, delivering a deep citrusy flavor, this particular beverage proves a perfect accompaniment in both cool and warm seasonal months.

The History of Sangria

While it’s hard to put down your glass and question the popularity of this fruit and wine concoction, many avid sangria drinkers do not even know the drinks long and storied history. Although this tasty drink made its way into America in 1964 at New York’s World Fair, the drinks origin dates back to the Roman times. During this time, early Greeks and Romans would mix their wine with sugar, spices,  fruits, and whatever was on hand. It was referred to as “hippocras,” and it often would be heated, similar to mulled wine. This drink is believed to be the common ancestor of both mulled wine and sangria. It was drunken consistently, as the water was filled with bacteria and not safe to consume and by adding a touch of alcohol the liquid became drinkable and stirring the liquid would enhance the flavor of the water-downed wine-like beverage. During this time, those that who lived in what is now modern-day Spain were doing something similar with the grapevines planted by the Phoenicians around 1,100 B.C., and then with vines planted by the Romans afterwards. No matter the season, people would add harvested fruits, berries, and spices to the hippocras for a great-tasting final product that constantly had a different and unique flavor to it.

Variations of sangria swept throughout Europe, especially Spain. The most common way it was made involved Spanish Tempranillo and other wine from Rioja with added citrus fruit. However, even then, no batch of sangria was ever the same.  In the 1700s and 1800s, the fruit and wine mixture was made using French grapes in France and England. Additionally, variations of white sangria, sparkling sangria, and sangria made with other fruit started to appear.

Why Sangria Pairs Great with Latin Fusion Cuisine

While sangria is a beverage to enjoy year-round, it seems like a natural fit when it comes to Latin fusion food. From Habanero Grilled Pork Chops to Pollo Huevos and other exotic, palate-pleasing dishes, sangria is the perfect beverage to wash it down with. Latin fusion food combines tastes from the southern hemisphere: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and more. These tropical and exotic flavors reign supreme, and sangria compliments them in a unique way.

Come To UNION Restaurant And Bar Latino for Delicious Sangria Specials

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Latest Update: Oct 31, 2018