Just 30 miles north of New York City, sitting right on Hudson River, you’ll find Rockland County — an area known for its quaint villages, spectacular river views, outdoor recreation. Rockland County is full of different things to do, making it a great spot for date night.

If you’re wondering what to do on your date in Rockland County, NY you’re in luck — in this blog, we’ll review a few great date night ideas to ensure that you and your partner have an enjoyable time out!

Head to Nearby Drive-In Movie Theater

Drive-in movie theaters may seem like a keepsake to easier times that were filled with milkshakes, popcorn, varsity letterman jackets, and ‘going steady’. Drive-in theaters aren’t as common today as they once were, especially in major cities like NYC, but there is a fair share of these unique outdoor screens in the surrounding areas that still make for an amazing date night. Unlike seeing a movie at a regular movie theater, drive-in movies are typically more affordable, grant you the privacy to talk without interrupting others and allow you to stay in the comfort of your own car. Plus, most drive-in theaters offer a double feature, which means you get to enjoy two movies — a great way to keep the night going! Plus, there’s something about drive-in concessions that cannot be matched! Rockland County once had its share of drive-in movie theaters, but unfortunately, they closed. However, if you don’t mind the drive, just outside of Rockland County, is the Warwick Drive-In Theatre. This location has been the spot for thousands of first dates, quite a few marriage proposals and even hosted a wedding, making it a great date night spot.

Paint n’ Sip

A wine and canvas date will show that some thought and creativity went into the planning. Look at this date as a mini adventure, maybe something that neither you or your date has done before. You’ll paint, sip, laugh and spend some quality time together creating memories. Paint can turn any date night into a great night and the expert instructors are easy to follow and will help you create a masterpiece. There are plenty of Paint n’ Sip classes near Rockland County that you can sign you and your date up for!

Find a Date Nate Restaurant in Rockland County

You can find some of the best romantic restaurants in NYC, but Rockland County also offers its share of great restaurants for date night. For a unique and enjoyable experience, you cannot go wrong with UNION Restaurant and Bar Latino! Located in Haverstraw, NY this Latin fusion restaurant offers fine Latin dining with a unique twist. From the relaxed hacienda style atmosphere, impeccable service, and great a great food and drink menu, you and your date will be sure to enjoy your evening at UNION!

Rockland County is full of great date nights ideas. Explore your options and start your planning! Remember to make a dinner reservation at UNION Restaurant and Bar Latino, so you can rest assured that your date night will go smoothly!

Latest Update: Nov 05, 2018