With the cooler temperatures quickly approaching, there are some changes that you may be making. You may be breaking out your winter wardrobe, digging out the scarves, and making other changes to help you keep warm. In addition to all of these changes, you might also change your diet. During the cooler months, we tend to crave more comforting foods, which include which often includes a lot of bread, rice, potatoes and, of course, SOUP!  You cannot possibly underestimate the warming, healing and happiness power of a good soup on a cold day — it fills you up, tastes delicious, and most importantly, keeps you warm!

At Union Restaurant and Bar Latino, we are always serving tasty soups, especially when the temperatures begin to drop. In today’s post, we are going to review three of our most popular soups that you can find at our latin fusion restaurant to help your stay warm up during the fall and winter seasons!

Sopa De Cebolla

Sopa De Cebolla is our latin-fusion version of French Onion Soup. This soup dish was originally prepared in France, where the soup was made with plenty of onions and then poured over a slice of bread. Little by little, the recipes for this soup have evolved, incorporating new ideas. For example, now it is very common to find it with melted cheese on top. At Union, we make our Sopa De Cebolla with onions, Madeira wine, Manchego cheese, and other Latin-inspired ingredients, making it great on a cold or rainy day!

Sopa De Tortilla

You likely know that a bowl of chicken noodle soup can be helpful during the colder seasons, but what about replacing the noodles with crispy fried tortillas and other spices and ingredients? Our Sopa De Tortilla is our latin-fusion twist on the traditional tortilla soup — it’s hot, delicious, and filled with tasty ingredients, including chimol, avocado, and cilantro oil!

Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower soup is a savory and filling soup staple, and our version is the perfect solution for when you are craving something warm, delicious, and comforting. This is a rich, elegant soup, flavored with unique ingredients, enriched with cream, and finished with truffle oil. As a final touch, we top with tasty garlic croutons.

These are just a few of the popular and tasty soups that are served here at Union Restaurant and Bar Latino! If you are looking for a warm, delicious, and comforting dish to keep warm during the upcoming colder months, you cannot go wrong with our soups! To learn more information or to make a lunch or dinner reservation, contact our latin fusion restaurant today!

Latest Update: Nov 05, 2018