Upon hearing the words ‘Vaca Frita’, you may immediately think of it’s literal transition ‘fried cow’. While many people enjoy a nice and tasty fried steak, Vaca Frita gives the classic entree is a Cuban staple and offers a unique twist.

What Is Vaca Frita?

Vaca Frita, a dish made using tender flank steak, was brought to the United States by Cuban immigrants. Its rich flavors and unique name has made it a favorite in the US, especially in Miami and other southern cities that host a large Cuban population. Vaca Frita is actually very similar to the dish, Ropa Vieja — a piece of brisket or flank steak that’s marinated with seasonings and then slowly stewed and tenderized. However, unlike being cooked once like Ropa Vieja, Vaca Frita is cooked twice, once when the meat is stewed and again once its shredded and lightly fried to perfection with onions, garlic, and other fresh ingredients.

Where Does Vaca Frita Come From?

The origins of this popular dish are also akin to those of Ropa Vieja, which originates from the Canary Islands, located just off the western coast of north Africa. It is believed that these beef recipes became popular in the plantations where slaves were given the toughest cuts of meat — the ingenuity in turning a not so palatable cut of meat into something flavorful and tender is truly incredible!

Where to Get Vaca Frita in Haverstraw

Whether you are trying it for the first time or it is a favorite dish of yours, there’s no better place to try Vaca Frita in Rockwell County than at UNION Restaurant and Bar Latino!

“The skirt steak that is so tender you don’t even need a knife. It just melts in your mouth — delicious!” –  Jake

“For my entree, I ordered the Vaca Frita. It was accompanied by rice and very delicious black refried beans. They were so good! The beef was delicious and very tender and the sauce it was braised in was rich and delicious” – Keila

“We asked an employee passing by our table for an extra knife. She smiled and told him he won’t need one. She wasn’t kidding. That skirt steak was so tender and delicious with the rice and beans!” – Monie

We take this iconic Cuban-inspired dish and put our own latin-fusion twist on it by adding special herbs, spices, and other ingredients. We serve our Vaca Frita with rice, bean, and plantain maduros. To make a reservation, contact our latin fusion restaurant!

Latest Update: Nov 05, 2018